Community Guidelines

Here at Markets For Good we want to foster healthy debate and dialogue. All opinions are welcome, but we ask you to follow our community guidelines for the sake of helping us build this open and collaborative space.

This means 4 simple rules.

1. Collaborate & Share

  • Use the blogging service as an opportunity to learn and develop. Push yourself to learn more data and its role for your organisation.
  • Work with other on posts and blogs, including guest posts.
  • Take every opportunity to share and promote your work, blog and posts.

2. Be the 3 R’s: Respectful, Relevant, Reasonable

  • Be respectful when posting (especially about sensitive subjects or topics), and extend respect when dealing with contributors or members of the public.
  • Posts should be relevant to the topic you’ve chosen for your blog, and comments you make on other blogger’s posts should be relevant too.
  • Remember to be reasonable as you engage with other members of the community; debate is welcomed, but reasonable, constructive debate only.
  • Posts, blogs and conversations that are not found to be respectful, reasonable and relevant may break our community guidelines and are unlikely to be welcome in our community. This applies to every day issues such as courtesy and politeness, and extends to serious issues including ‘trolling’, homophobic, sexist or racist content and hate-speech, or any contributions which could be interpreted as such.

3. Write, Read… Then Publish

  • As a blog author, nothing is more frustrating than publishing a post, to have your readers ‘not get it’ or misunderstand your point.
  • Once you’ve written, read your post through and make sure you’re not going to be misunderstood in what you’re saying
  • Critical friends can help are particular useful in these cases.

 4. Our virtual community has the same rules as real life.

And with that, we hope you’ve found a great article for your first comment.